Ready to treat your skin to a little luxury? Dive into the goodness of my handcrafted soaps!

My soaps are the best for skin care thanks to their unique composition and natural ingredients. Imagine traditional natural botanical soap bars, crafted with love using vegan oils and only the best natural ingredients. It’s the real deal – made the old-school way for that authentic touch. Plus, these eco-friendly wonders are gentle on your skin and Mother Earth. Embrace the beauty of nature with each lather.

Your skin deserves it, and so does the planet! Let’s make your daily routine a little more special.

currently available:


floral dream

Coffee Mocha

Coffee peeling

Arabica for coffee lovers

jaffa orange chocolate

Orange Chocolate

the juicy scent and sweet chocolate notes – a love affair for your skin

apple pie scent handmade soap

Apple Pie

Christmas festive time soap

Custom soap

It’s a personalized pampering experience

Star Anise the traditional scent



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