would you consider going with a batch but no travel packaging? Now you can!

upgrade your self-care routine with our mini soaps, travel makeup remover, and accessories! perfectly crafted for on-the-go glam, these goodies are eco-friendly, vegan, and gentle on your skin. embrace the beauty of tradition with our natural, botanical soap bars. sustainable, stylish, and oh-so-soothing.

dive into pure indulgence!

currently available:

Sisal soap bag – elevate your soap experience with our natural sisal soap bag — perfect for body peeling or on-the-go

On the Go – travel light with our mini soaps in a handy metal tin.

mini makeup remover soap in metal tin always with you when you travel

Makeup remover – soap in a sleek metal tin. light, compact, and perfect for your on-the-go glam! easy to use as a makeup brush soap

Wooden Soap Tray – enhance your soap experience with our wooden tray—preserving freshness by the sink!

Wooden Soap Tray – elevate your soap game with our wooden ladder tray – it’s bathroom perfection for long-lasting soaps!

Gift Card – levate gifting with our online shop gift cards! treat your loved ones to traditional, natural, and eco-friendly handmade soaps.